Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amazon Moves All Kindles to AT&T Wireless

Amazon has announced that all new Kindles sold will now go through AT&T for their wireless connections instead of Sprint. When the Kindle first hit the market over a year ago, the wireless data connection that allowed you to download your books and subscriptions on the go was provided by Sprint's EvDO RevA wireless connection.

However, recently Amazon announced and began selling an International version of the device which used the AT&T network. I'm not sure where or how the whole thing came down, but now Amazon has announced that all future Kindles (at least for now) will use AT&T. I find that a tad ironic as the newly announced Nook from Barnes & Noble will also use AT&T.

If you are an owner of an older Kindle (like me) that uses a Sprint connection, don't panic. Amazon has also announced that no Sprint powered Kindle's will lose their wireless connection.

That's good news because if they cut me off after spending $300 on the device 18 months ago, I'd be seriously peeved.

Also, it seems to keep up with the B&N Nook announcement, the Kindle is now reduced in price from $279 to $259. For while the company was selling an International version for the extra $20 and a domestic version for less. Now only the international version is being sold which will also work in the U.S.

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