Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TabletKiosk MediSlate UMPC for Healthcare

If you have need of a portable solution in your office, take a look at the MediSlate Mobile Clinicla Assistant from Tabletkiosk. This UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) is designed with the healthcare environment in mind. Featuring a built-in handle and an easy to use charging station. If you are looking for a mobile solution for your office that can take a beating, this is a device worth considering. The device list for $2795.

It boasts an impressive set of features:

* Ergonomically designed and weighing only about 3 pounds, the MediSlate™ MCA can be comfortably carried around with you all day.
* With its two hot-swappable battery packs and a two-bay battery charger on the optional docking station, you can use the MediSlate™ MCA around the clock without any down time to charge it.
* The MediSlate™ MCA's ruggedly designed, smooth-surface exterior is easily disinfectable with standard cleansers and drop rated to 4 feet (meets MIL-STD-810F standards and is IP54 rated).
* Built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and optional 3G WWAN module means you can stay connected no matter where you go.
* The Sunlight Readable, 10.4 inch resistive touch screen with palm rejection technology allows for accurate interaction, even with a gloved hand, in almost any lighting condition.
* Increase your clinical efficiency with the MediSlate's advanced data acquisition technology including its built-in 2.0 MegaPixel still/video camera, RFID Reader and 2D Barcode Reader.
* Single-Chip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and biometric fingerprint reader for added data security.
* Powered by Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology with 2.0 GB DDR2 RAM (standard), and featuring an 80 GB, shock-mounted hard disk drive with "auto-parking" G sensor or an optional 32 GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

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