Monday, September 21, 2009

A Special Offer from Zap Lasers

Looking for a good laser at a good price? Zap lasers are here to help. Due to a recent event at the CDA North meeting 2 weeks ago, Zap is making the offer below to customers. If you are looking for a laser, this is a great opportunity if you meet the criteria. I have no paid consulting position with the company, I just saw the offer and repost it here with their permission. Here are the details straight from Zap:

Last week at the CDA show, we were approached by doctors that indicated they had purchased the Picasso diode laser a few months ago, and have not received their unit yet. Regardless of whatever problem AMD is having that’s preventing them from delivering the units, the doctors we spoke to, were not too happy about the long wait.

So, we have decided to do something about it and help AMD’s unhappy customers.

Here are the rules:

- If you purchased the Picasso laser before September 15th, 2009, fax your purchase order to Zap at (925) 930-6776 or email it to and Zap will match the exact amount of your PO for a New SoftLase Pro diode laser unit and accessories.

- We will ship out the SoftLase Pro unit to you next business day.

- This promotion is valid from September 15th thru September 30th, 2009

- This promotion is valid only for 1 time credit card payments.

- This is for a limited supply of units and availability is based on a first come first serve basis

No one likes to pay for a product and have to wait several weeks. This is a limited chance to purchase a laser and actually be able to use it.

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