Friday, September 11, 2009

New Apps Now Available for Palm Pre Users

I'm still loving my Palm Pre. After more than 2 months I'm a happy camper. It's got a way to go to completely challenge the iPhone, but as a Sprint customer I've got nothing but good things to say at this point and I'm glad to report that things are continuing to get even better.

Last night, Palm introduced a few new additions to the App Catalog. Here is the post direct from Palm:

One of the most powerful aspects of webOS is Palm Synergy, which brings together your online accounts in one simple, logical view, and keeps them synced up automatically. Google Voice applies a GDial Pro similar philosophy to your phone number and phone services, offering you a range of options for everything from forwarding calls among your phone phones to transcribing voicemail messages into text. With gDial Pro, a webOS app from Mobile Entertainment Group, your Palm Pre can now use and manage your Google Voice account.

Other goodies making their debut today in the Palm Pre App Catalog include:

- AccuRadio (from AccuRadio), offering streaming radio for the U.S. and Canada
- Local Concerts (iLike), giving you personalizILike Concertsed concert updates from your favorite artists
- Simple Bible (Jev Vandegrift), providing the full text of the Bible with a range of ebook features
- Currency Converter (Janni Kovacs), simplifying those inevitable “duh” moments when making international transactions
- 420 Wallpaper (A Minor Label), with a selection of artwork to give your Palm Pre a new look
- Forbes (Forbes), for essential business news
- A trio of new games: Video Poker (, Checkers (Keen Studios), and Lights Out (Vasudeva Damarasingu).

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