Friday, September 25, 2009

Is Microsoft Readying a new Tablet called "Courier"

According to the folks over at Gizmodo, the gang in Redmond is working on something Tablet like but way different than any Tablet we've seen before.

Called Courier, the device looks like a book, but is being called a "booklet". Supposedly it is in the late development stages at Microsoft. The device has 2 screens that will be touch and stylus activated. The 2 screens will allow the user to drag and drop between them and oh so much more.

It appears to be a cross between the ideas behind the iPhone and Palm Pre while keeping with the idea of a fully functional and usable computer.

There is a video available for viewing at Gizmodo, and I highly recommend checking it out. Once you've viewed the promo video you'll have a much better idea of what it can do. I can certainly see ways that Courier could help in my life. No idea on when it will be available... dang it!

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