Friday, September 18, 2009

Curve Dental wants to Change Dental Software

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For the past 2 days I've been spending some time in Utah, with the team from Curve Dental. They have a "Fresh, Web Based Alternative to Dental Software".

The basic premise for Curve Dental is to provide dental practice management software over the Internet using a web browser and some amazing Web 2.0 programming. The result is dental software that can run a practice using only an Internet connection and a web browser.

It doesn't matter whether you are running Mac, PC, or Linux. It doesn't matter if you are in the office or at home. The software runs "in the cloud". Although I haven't gotten all the financial details yet, they are looking at a monthly subscription fee with additional dollars for training and conversion.

I saw a live demo last night done on a wireless connection and I was flat out amazed at the speed at which it functioned as well as the forethought that went into the design.

Imagine never having to install an update again (it's all done by Curve on their servers). Imagine never having to buy a server for the office again. Imagine the possibilities when all of your practice can be run through a website.

Curve told me when they invited me that I was going to see the "next big thing" when I got here. I feel they've proved their point.

There is still work to do and things to add, but the team at Curve is on the right track. The Curve team is full of dental software veterans and some outside the box thinkers. I'm expecting big things from them... and I'm not always easily impressed.


  1. I love this concept, but my main concern lies in the speed with digital imaging. Did they address that at all in the demo? Thanks!

  2. I like the idea as well. Hope this will set the trend for online programming.
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  3. Digital imaging is in the works. The current idea is to cache it locally so it is immediately available and then upload it as bandwidth is available.

    It was one of my concerns as well. Large images that take minutes to upload to the web would create a major time crunch. I like their idea of caching and then uploading later.

  4. Considering that Dentisoft Online has been around for ever and for a number of years, how exactly is their software the "next big thing"? I also think the lack of image management is a deal breaker. I'm sure the product will become more developed, but it seems like this is not ready for prime time yet. I lectured to a group in Calgary last week and their experience with Curve supports my observations.

  5. Hi Lorne, you've got to really see it to appreciate it. The company readily admits that for someone at my level of software use it would be a step back. They are not looking to sell at a tremendous rate just yet.

    Their attitude is to do it right, not do it fast, which I appreciate. We've all seen software companies that do it the other way around and the disasters they create.

    The demo I saw was, by far, the best example of Ajax and Web 2.0 programming that I have ever seen... dental or not.

    I know you had a previous commitment, but I wish you could have been there. I think you would have had your questions answered better than I can provide here.

  6. Just saw this post through my 'dental software' rss feed. I work for Planet DDS, which provides Denticon software. As Lorne mentioned, we've been offering web-based software with the ability to access anywhere with an internet browser for years. We currently provide automatic updates, and have many offices running without the need for additional hardware. We also provide imaging which does, in fact, use local image caching with the ability to upload at a later point in time.

    Some of things made possible by offices running Denticon in their offices are: An iPhone interface to Denticon that shows data REAL-TIME; and a network virtual receptionists, accessing offices’ data online through Denticon, then answering their phones from home to book appointments, verify insurance, follow up on claims and much more.

    'Cloud' computing is a very exciting new territory. We use cloud computing as well (Amazon), but only for data that is not private. Most of our application resides on servers in an AT&T data center - the same place where major banks house their servers. Again, cloud computing is very cool, but there are many gray areas when it comes to data security.

    It is great, though, to see that other companies in the dental arena are starting to see the value of web-based technology. We recently signed a deal for Quality Systems, Inc. (QSI), who has dominated the group practice market for many decades, to sell a private labeled version of Denticon. So I think you’re right Dr. Flucke, web-based software in the dental industry, although not the newest thing, is shaping up to be the next big thing.

  7. Matt Dorey gave me the online demo and it was cool. I should have seen it in utah but I missed my flight so I came in late. I really thought lack of an x-ray interface was a deal breaker, until I saw the online demo. Its very cool software, and they are working on interfacing with x-ray hardware.

    It will end up being very cool.

  8. Curve Dental really knows what they're doing. I'm currently using their software right now, and it makes it so much easier with how I don't have to worry about updating my server and all of that. I would recommend their dental software to anyone. I'm glad someone else out there was able to use their software and liked it.

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