Sunday, September 20, 2009

Amazon to expand it's line of Private Label Products

Although Amazon has always had a few products that they private label, the list is about to expand. The idea of these types of products for any company is 2 fold. First of all it expands brand recognition which is sort of like free advertising. The second is that it allows a company to generate revenue on products that they have no expenses in other than branding.

Over the years, Amazon has branded a few products like power tools and patio furniture, but now the company is looking at expanding the Amazon brand with a line called "Amazon Basics". Currently the line only contains backup mediums like blank CD's and DVD's, home theater cabling, and replacement cables for your gadgets. While the company will expand the line in the future, there is no word on how much or how big it will get.

For me, the best part of this is that Amazon is advertising frustration-free packaging. From their website, here is the description:

AmazonBasics Uses Frustration-Free Packaging

What's Frustration-Free Packaging? It's a multi-year initiative designed to alleviate "wrap rage," featuring recyclable boxes that are easy to open and free of excess materials. All AmazonBasics products come in Frustration-Free Packaging that's easy to open and easy to recycle--keeping things simple.

Over the years, I've become a huge Amazon fan. I love gear, but I really don't like shopping. The ability, through Amazon Prime, to order and receive exactly what I want in 2 days is the best part for me. I'm excited about the new offering. My biggest hope is that it expands rapidly.

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