Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I Love my Mac - and Why I Love Goetze Dental's IT Guys

I've been a Mac user for about 3 years or so now. I'm not a Mac snob (we all know some of those people), but as someone who travels quite a bit and needs a computer to function reliably for lectures and other sorts of things, I've come to rely on my MacBook Pro to get me through.

I don't change computers as often as I used to. Years ago, it seemed that every 18 months or so I was salivating over some new piece of portable hardware. Now with processing speed being so fast on even the old machines, i just don't find myself needing the upgrades. However, my MacBook Pro only had a 120GB hard drive which is small compared to today's standards. Heck, I have between 30-40GB of music! So the 120GB in the Mac was more than maxed out. I had taken all the music off and moved it to a WD Passport drive that I carried around and connected if I wanted the tunes. I knew I needed the hard drive upgraded, but my schedule has been too hectic for me to do it and who could I trust?

For years, I've been touting the concept of having a relationship with dental supply company that has a top notch IT department. That way you have one source for supplies, service, and IT. So it was only natural that I called my guys at Goetze Dental's IT Department. One of the techs there is John and he's a Mac guy like me. Yesterday I dropped off the Mac with a new 500GB hard drive and asked him to do the install and the data move.

I'm happy to say that I'm now typing this on the upgraded machine with no problems. John got the work done easily and reliably.

The Mac has a way to transfer all user settings and programs over in cases like mine and my old hard drive was connected and the data was pulled over onto the new drive. That means that when I booted the new drive, the machine looked EXACTLY as it did before the upgrade. The only change is more hard drive space. That's why I love my Mac.

So the moral to the story is you have to have an IT Department you can trust and I've definitely found that. The whole process was incredibly low stress. Thanks to John and the rest of the good people at Goetze Dental!

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