Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vibram KSO - You say you want a revolution?

Most of my life I've despised going barefoot. I've been cursed with very tender feet and even the smallest pebble can have me doing "the pain dance" like I belong in a 3 Stooges outtake reel. Because of that, I've been forced to always wear shoes with the exception, more or less, of getting in and out of a pool, lake, ocean, etc.

I was absolutely thrilled a few years ago when Crocs came on the scene. There was finally something that fit like a shoe but was easy to wear with no socks and easy to walk in (I can be a bit clumsy in flip-flops).

Now, however, I have a new love. A great idea with a high tech design that makes wearing a shoe just like being barefoot... except when you step on a rock, you don't feel pain.

Say hello to the Vibram Fivefingers design. The product is footwear that completely replicates the human foot. Not only do you have separate compartments for each toe, but the sole of the Vibram is also designed to replicate the sole of your foot. It's as close to being barefoot as you can get while still using footwear.

I own a pair of the KSO model and I can tell you from personal experience these things are "limousines for the feet". The initial wearing is a bit weird as you get used to the feeling of having your toes separated, but that feeling quickly fades. They are incredibly comfortable and truly give you the feeling of being barefoot without the compromises that I've had to deal with. I feel more stable and well balanced.

The downside? Well, getting them on so far has been a bit challenging. My forth and fifth toes are hard to separate which leads to some struggles in getting them on. I'm sure that like anything in life there is a learning cure and that this will fade as I get more efficient at orienting my feet/toes while putting them on.

There are 4 different types of these and a selection of colors as well. All for only $85. For all the info check out the company website.

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