Monday, August 10, 2009

TDK to Produce 2.5TB HDD by First Quarter 2010

It's hard to believe how quickly drive capacities are expanding. It sued to be that a 10GB hard drive was enormous and then it was 80GB. Just a year or so ago, we saw the arrival of affordable 1TB drives and I bought several of them to use in external drive bays so that I have reliable backups. Now comes the announcement from TDK that they will soon begin producing a 3.5" drive that will hold 2.5TB of data.

The secret? Everyone else is currently building their drives with 500GB platters while TDK has come up with 640GB platters giving them basically 140GB extra per platter. Multiply that times 4 (the number of platters in a hard drive) and you can see that they come up with just about the 2.5GB number.

The company says production will begin in November and that we should start seeing these drives in February. Of course this means that TDK has just raised the bar so everyone else will be scrambling to be able to offer something similar. This is another case of the end user being the winner.

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