Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snow Leopard - First Impressions

Being on the tech edge I figure its my job to push it every once in a while for the benefit of my readers... at least that's the excuse I use to buy and tinker with lots of great technology. Yesterday while I was doing my Ultradent Webinar, the FedEx guy showed up with my copy of Mac OSX Snow Leopard. It was available on Friday so I had ordered it earlier in the week for a Friday delivery.

Let me say first of all that while I'm happy with the results, they are in no way Earth shattering. It's more under the hood changes than obvious ones.

It took less than an hour to do the install which was completely automated other than the final required re-start. Throw the CD in the drive and let it do its thing.

The machine came back just the way I left it from an appearance standpoint. To the casual observer, it was like nothing had changed.

What I did find was that some of the icons on my toolbar that related to OS features or built-in programs needed to be changed. Mail upgraded itself when I started it, but iCal and System Preferences, when clicked, informed me that this version was no longer supported. I had to hunt for the new icons and replace them myself in the toolbar. It would have been nice if the update had done it automatically.

So far the only program I've found that is not compatible is my Matrix Code screen saver.

Expose has access from the Dock which is a feature I really like. You can see all the open windows from one ap. You can also zoom on an open window with the space bar. Nice!

Quicktime X is a better player and now allows you to record audio and video to then upload to the web all as part of the program.

Microsoft Exchange Support is now built in. Although I don't use it personally, this should make a gigantic difference for those Apple users in a corporate environment.

A nice update that does some good things. Not a true makeover, but really nice nonetheless. I'm recommending it, especially at $29.

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