Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest Info from Align Technologies (Invisalign)

In my continuing effort to keep you updated on the saga of Align Technologies and their decision to pressure some doctors for more cases while eliminating others, here is the latest info. Since losing the lawsuit to Ormco, things have been a bit quiet... Thanks to my anonymous buddy who dug up this info. It's starting to look like it's all about the money:

ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC in Santa Clara, California reported a 4.5% drop in 2nd quarter revenues to $76.3 million. Gross margins improved to 76% from last year’s same-period 74.7%. Selling costs declined 10.3% to $29.1 million, G&A spending rose 1.3% to $16.5 million while R&D expenditures declined 19% to $0.4 million. Quarterly net income increased 12.8% to $4.5 million. The total number of Invisalign® cases shipped increased 5.9% with a worldwide blended average selling price of $1,400 per case.


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