Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How NASA Helped Save Your Teeth

NASA worm.png

The next time you think that spending money on space exploration is pouring money down a rathole, consider this: I material called Nitinol, which was originally developed for aerospace uses, is now called Ni-Ti. The metal, which is a blend of nickel and titanium results in a metal that has a "memory".

Ni-Ti has become a mainstream dental material with its main uses being in Orthodontics by making a wire that continues to move teeth as it attempts to return to its original shape. It is also a huge factor in simplifying root canals. The majority of instruments used today are Ni-Ti and make the procedure more simple by being able to bend and not break while removing diseased tissue from inside a tooth.

Radar Online has a list of 13 things we take for granted today that are all a result of NASA. Care to take a look? All the products are located in this article. My good pal Dr. Paul Feuerstein will be especially amazed to see image #12.

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