Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clinical Trial of New ProDrive Handpiece

For over a month now I've been using the new ProDrive Handpiece (manufactured by Sirona) for all my fixed prosthetics. After almost 6 weeks of use, I can state that the handpiece has performed exceptionally well.

Torque is exceptional, as it is with all the ProDrive systems, although I feel that this one might be even better. Though it has a smooth finish, the device is comfortable to hold and has does not slip or feel slippery with wet gloves.

The chuck is easy to operate and the ProDrive burs go into the head a bit further than they do in the Kavo handpieces I also use. This makes maneuvering in areas of difficult access easier.

The noise is no more and no less than other ProDrive turbines. Cutting speed, vibration, ease of use are all outstanding.

If you have been thinking about ProDrive and are in the market for new factory handpieces, definitely take the new one for a test drive. I think you will be impressed. I was.

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