Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air Techniques Spectra Receives FDA Approval

Late last night I received the announcement I'd been waiting almost a year to hear. Spectra, the caries detection device that shows the location of decay on the tooth surface like weather radar, has been approved for sale by the FDA.

This amazing device takes pictures of individual teeth under a purple wavelength of light, applies a software algorithm to the picture, and then indicates where enamel and dentin breakdown is occurring by showing the decay on the photo.

While there are other high tech devices that can find decay, Spectra is the only one that can do it visually, allowing the area to be tracked over time for small lesions. The colors correspond to the depth of the decay so that it is easy to judge when a lesion can undergo remineralization therapy and when restorative options should be initiated.

I've had some extensive hands-on time with the device and can tell you first hand, it's a winner. Look for Air Techniques to get this market quickly.

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