Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sprint Announces its Desire to be First with 3G Femtocell

The device pictured above is something that Sprint is hoping to have available to users before any other wireless carrier according to rumors circulating on the Net. The device is a femtocell.
It's usage is pretty simple. You plug this device into your broadband connection and it allows you to use a 3G device over broadband. If you don't have a good mobile signal in your home or office, this device works as a booster allowing you to get great coverage and using broadband instead of a wireless signal.

The neat thing about this device is that it not only works with voice, but with 3G data as well which is a big plus if you need a data connection on your phone as well as voice.

No announcement on exactly when it will debut or how much it will cost, but Sprint has stated publicly they will be the first to market. Stay tuned...

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