Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sonicare Announces New Sonicare for Kids

The good people at Sonicare have done it again! They've built a sonic toothbrush designed specifically for kids and it's designed to grow with them. The device is designed for the grip of a child's hand. It has a quadpacer which gradually increases in time so that the child will enjoy brushing with it and not realize that soon they are brushing for the recommended 2 minutes.

The faceplate is interchangeable and comes in 3 different styles so that they can be easily switched out whenever you child wants.

I've had my evaluation unit be tested by a reliable child and the response has been phenomenal. The testimonial is "This toothbrush rocks! It's the best toothbrush I've ever used!"

The Sonicare for Kids should be available now. I'm recommending them to my kid patients and I think you should too! The device is currently available only to dental professionals, but should be available to consumers in late August.

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