Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rumors of Mac Tablet Begin to Heat Up

For quite some time now, the rumors have swirled that Apple is working on some type of tablet. These rumors have been met with either denials or silence by the gang in Cuperino, but now new rumors indicate the much anticipated device could be on the near horizon.

The idea is a device that is larger than an iPod Touch and carries more functionality while maintaining the Touch's ease of use and touchscreen. Apple is said to also be in discussion with publishers to create content to be read on the device ( a la the Kindle). It will not have a phone connection but should be able to support wireless broadband adapters that are used on laptops.

Speculation is that the device will be announced in September when Apple normally announces new iPods and will be available for the Christmas buying season.

I'm inclined to believe this one since the rumors are so rampant at this point. Even the Financial Times of London has entered the speculation game on this one. No word on price, memory, or anything else yet. I'm persoanlly ready to call this one confirmed.

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