Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pre once again syncs with iTunes

Well, I called this one... sort of. This week, Palm issued an update to the Pre OS and one of the things it did was to allow the Pre to again sync with iTunes.

As you may remember for a previous post here, when the Pre was released it could sync with iTunes. The device even showed up in the iTunes software as an iPod icon but with the name "Pre" associated with it. Apple then released an update to the iTunes software last week that effectively removed the ability of the Pre to synch with iTunes.

Now Palm has made the "third move" in this chess match. How long this will go on is anyone's guess. Several execs at Palm were previously high level execs at Apple so one would surmise they have intimate knowledge of iTunes.

However, Jobs and Apple are well known for their tenacity in such things so I am now looking for a counter-move by Apple in their next update. As for now, if you have a Palm Pre you can update your iTunes software with no worries.

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