Monday, July 27, 2009

New York Traffic Cameras Stolen then Sold

This is a story that's so strange it's hard to believe, but it does deal with some technology so I thought I'd pass it along. It seems that New York City has traffic cameras that photograph cars running red lights. These traffic cams snap photos of the offending vehicles which includes the license plate and are used to issue traffic citations.

The boxes that hold the cameras don't let you see what kind of hardware is inside, but I was amazed to find out that the NYC system was using Nikon D2X DSLR's. Although when you think about it, you want to make sure the evidence photo is crisp and clear.

It seems that these devices started disappearing. A total of 22 cameras were stolen over a one month period before the thieves were apprehended. Get a load of this: the cameras were stolen by a guy and gal with a cherry picker who were pawning the cameras to finance heroin habits!

Not only that, but the cameras were being sold for only $300. I guess they had no idea what the value was. This definitely falls under one of those "strange but true" categories.

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