Thursday, July 2, 2009

High Tech Watch with a Real Retro Look

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a gadget guy. And what's a better gadget than a watch? Obviously because of my gadget infatuation, I've also got a serious watch infatuation as well.

Here's a watch that has a great look and a great story behind it as well. It seems that in 1942 in Italy, the Officine Fotana worked up some designs for watches that could be easily read in the low light conditions of the country's U-boat commanders. Although the watches were never actually created that late in World War II, the designs were kept. Now after all that time, the watches are being manufactured and sold.

The design above is the K24 3300 and it retails for about $900.

For more details on all the designs go to Welder America.

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