Friday, July 3, 2009

Dental Trade Alliance Launches "Oral Healthcare Can't Wait" Awareness Campaign

Although I'm convinced (through analysis on multiple factors) that the economic downturn has passed and things are already improving, not everyone shares my optimism. Many folks are concerned enough about the economic situation that they are delaying needed dental care due to concerns over costs. I'd like to point out that financing options such as CareCredit can take the fear out of costs, but I'd also like to applaud the Dental Trade Alliance for their "Oral Healthcare Can't Wait" campaign. Here is the press release:


ARLINGTON, VA – JULY 1ST, 2009 – The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), a nonprofit trade association representing leading dental manufacturers, distributors, and laboratories, recently launched its “Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait™” awareness campaign ( in an effort to warn consumers about the risks of postponing regular dental checkups and recommended treatment. According to DTA chief executive officer Gary Price, “The current economic climate is causing many people to either postpone the treatment plans recommended by their dentists, or to put off dental visits altogether.”

The potential health risks of postponing oral healthcare treatment can be significant, with more and more published research supporting the existence of a strong link between optimum oral health and overall well-being – especially in the area of periodontal disease. “But it doesn’t have to be this way,” explains Price. “Although we face economic challenges on a national basis, the majority of Americans still have the ability to make continued and comprehensive oral care an integrated part of their lives.”

Therefore, the DTA is launching a multifaceted Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait awareness campaign to dental professionals and consumers alike. Lanmark Group, the dental industry’s leading advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, will be spearheading this effort by developing the overall strategy, creative concepts, and tactical execution on a pro bono basis. The following is just a partial outline of the campaign marketing components that Lanmark is currently providing:

• Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait logo and slogan
• Dedicated Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait website for dental professionals ( and consumers (
• Dental trade and consumer print and online advertising
• Professional and consumer public relations program
• Public service announcements
• Patient education brochures and posters
• Dental practice marketing tool kit to promote “Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait” campaign in local markets
• Online video for distribution via YouTube, etc.

“Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait promises to be a very ambitious campaign, with the ultimate goal being to sustain and improve oral health in America,” explained Price. “I’m very grateful for the level of commitment and agency resources that Lanmark president Howard Klein has pledged to this campaign, as well as the support of our leading dental industry publications, such as Compendium, Dental Economics, Dental Products Report, Dental Product Shopper, Dentistry Today, Dental Tribune, DentalTown, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, Inside Dentistry, and RDH Magazine. In addition, the leading dental distributors Benco Dental, Burkhart Dental Supply, Darby Dental Supply, Henry Schein, Iowa Dental Supply and Patterson Dental have pledged their support to help launch this important initiative. We will also be counting on the support of DTA members in other areas, such as funding for direct-to-consumer advertising in national newspapers, television, and radio, etc. If we work together, we can make a difference.” For more information regarding the Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait Campaign, visit To pledge support, contact Dental Trade Alliance CEO Gary Price at 703-379-7755.
About the Dental Trade Alliance
The Dental Trade Alliance is an association of companies that provide dental equipment, supplies, materials, and services to dentists and other oral care professionals. Its member companies are distributors, dental laboratories, and manufacturers located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. By providing the best equipment, materials, and services to dentists and oral care professionals, they are partners in improving the oral health of everyone. For more information, visit


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