Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apple "fixes" iTunes to not Sync with Palm Pre

Well, I knew this had to be coming. When I got my Palm Pre I was stunned that when I plugged it into my MacBook Pro, iTunes saw the device as an iPod. I can use iTunes to transfer and manage the music on the Pre.

I figured as soon as Apple saw that, they'd have a conniption, and I was right. The latest update to iTunes (version 8.2.1) removes the Pre's ability to connect. Apple calls this "addresses an issue of verification of Apple devices" which is Applespeak for "we're not letting anyone else have access to iTunes".

If you have a Palm Pre and like the iTunes integration, refuse the iTunes update (I did). However that are lots of ways to get the music on your Pre so if you want to or already have updated, you can simply connect to your computer and drag and drop the files into the music folder.

Will Palm now provide a Pre update that will once again allow access? This could be an ongoing battle.

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