Friday, July 10, 2009

Amazon drops price of Kindle 2 to $299

Kindle now 299.jpg
For those of you who have been considering a Kindle, but didn't want to part with the cash, here's a deal that may make it a bit easier for you. Amazon has just dropped the price of the latest Kindle version (2.0) to $299.

My only complaint with the new device is that it doesn't have an SD slot like version 1.0. Other than that it's a better and much thinner device.

By ordering now you'll have saved about $100 over the price of those who ordered the day it became available. The Kindle is an amazing thing to own. I absolutely love mine and can't imagine being without it. Add to that the point that I was actually skeptical about owning one until I got my hands on mine. I thought it would be a "toy" and not much else, but now I carry mine with me almost anywhere.

The Amazon Kindle is highly recommended!!!

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