Saturday, June 20, 2009

US Building new Ford Class Super Carriers

While reading the news recently, I stumbled across an interesting story on It dealt with the US Navy and their current construction of the next generation of aircraft carriers. Of course these things will be super high tech, but it's the design process that really gave me a rush of geek-adrenaline.

In my career as tech editor and tech evangelist, I've gotten a chance to tinker and experiment with a lot of cool techie type things. One of them was fully wearable computer (if you've been to one of my lectures, you've probably seen a pic of me wearing it). It seems the folks designing these new carriers are putting that type of technology to good use. From the article: "The last time American engineers designed a carrier from scratch, in the 1960s, they drew the ship in ink and built full-scale wooden models to prove their designs. Then, the construction-yard workers had to figure out how to put the ship together. Things work a little differently in 2009. Now, engineers and foremen can wander around a mockup of the ship without wearing helmets or boots. All they have to do is slip on chunky black glasses, stare at a screen and step inside the ship’s CAD plan."

So they can actually walk around inside the software designed ship in a 'virtual world'. How cool is that?

For the full article on the construction and design, click here for the story from

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