Thursday, June 11, 2009

Projection Glasses Offer a Peek Into the Future

OLED glasses.jpg
Do you hate having to pull out your phone whenever you want to know who the text message is from or to read that important e-mail you've been expecting? Franhofer in Germany may have solved that problem.

The photo above shows an OLED display that projects images onto the retina producing a large and transparent image that can be seen by the person wearing the glasses. There have been other systems likes this (if you've seen me present, you've probably seen a picture of me wearing one) but the other systems were big & bulky.

Franhofer has overcome the bulk by reducing the need for a projector. The OLED chip acts as the projector and is only 19.3mm x 17mm and is hidden in the hinge at the temple.

No word on when this system might be available, but I'll be in line to get one!!!

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