Sunday, June 28, 2009

More info on Align vs. Ormco lawsuit

Since the lawsuit is over and the ruling is in favor of Ormco, more info is now finding itself in the public domain. As I get info from reliable sources, I'll be sure to make it available here. Check back frequently for updates. Here is the latest that I received today from a very reliable source:

"We are pleased that the jury reached a verdict in favor of Ormco,"
said Don Tuttle, president of Ormco Corporation. "We have long
maintained that Align's process for creating aligners used our
intellectual property and that the attacks on the enforceability of
our patent claims were unfounded."

Ormco said it may request the court issue a permanent injunction to
enjoin Align's continued infringement and to seek royalty on all of
U.S. sales made since January of 2003.

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