Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keeping Your Life Digital... and Portable

Whether you are on the road, or are just mobile enough to need your stuff wherever you go, always carrying a laptop (even a mini) can be a challenge.

Ever access a public computer to print a boarding pass or to get some info and had that nagging feeling that somehow you'll leave a history of your passwords, account numbers, or something behind?

Well, now you have a pretty nice solution... and it's free.

It's called Portable apps and is available from

The idea behind it is pretty simple. You download the package and install it on a USB jump drive. Then you carry the drive with you on your keyring (or whatever). When you need access to your stuff, you just plug the jump drive into any computer and your stuff is there waiting for you. It leaves no info on the host computer when you are done and is completely portable.

Imagine being able to carry Firefox with all your bookmarks, Thunderbird with all your e-mail info, an antivirus program, and more in your pocket for free.

Take a look at this if you need portable access. Although I haven't used it yet, it looks really intriguing.

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