Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm in Possession of a Palm Pre... finally

Well I've made the switch from the Samsung Instinct to the Palm Pre. By the time this is posted I will have been in possession of the device for about 12 hours.

First the good things: I'm really impressed with this device. It has a great feel, looks extremely cool (like a smooth stone... pretty zen), and works like a dream. I'm a Mac user and a fan of their products, so I'm the iPhone target market, but I live in Sprint's home town and I have lots of patients who work for Sprint. I like to support those who support me so an AT&T phone at this point just isn't something I would feel good about.

While the Pre is not quite as intuitive as the iPhone, I still found it very easy to use and only needed a quick glance at the very brief instructions to be moving around in it with ease. I was always a Palm guy until my old Treo 700P bit the dust. At that point, the new Instinct was on it's way and I made that move last June. While the Instinct was nice, the Pre is much better. Overall the first few hours with the device have been solid and better than I expected.

Now the not good things: The inventory and delivery of said inventory is abysmal. My only guess is that Sprint was desperate to get the Pre on the market before the latest iPhone. The first weekend the Pre went on sale, buyers were greeted with ample supplies. A few days later, supplies were almost nonexistent. One of my Sprint insiders told me to wait about 5 days after the opening weekend and that supplies would be replenished. Unfortunately that was not, and is STILL not the case. I called about 6 days after the opening day and was told I would be put on a waiting list. That list took 12 days for me to work my way to the top.

I got a call today saying my name was at the top of the list, but they needed to hear back from me in 2 hours and I needed to pick it up today. Ummm, what if I was out of town? What if I had something really important to do this evening?

When I picked the phone up I mentioned the inventory to the sales gal who told me they are only getting 4-5 Pre's per day. That's awful considering this is the home of the corporate headquarters. For a company that has lost millions of customers in the last 2-3 years, acting like a ticket scalper is not the best way to treat your loyal customers. Maybe Sprint still has a lot to learn about customer service.

The hardware though, that part is definitely a winner.

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