Monday, June 29, 2009

Goetze Dental Celebrates 125 Years

That's right 125 years!

It takes doing a lot of things right to have a business survive for 125 years. In the case of Goetze Dental, they've not only been able to survive... but to thrive.

How have they managed to do this? How have they managed to build a business that continues to be a model operation in so many ways? In a word commitment. And that word has a lot of depth when it comes to Goetze Dental. As a company, they are committed to the doctor, the patients, their employees, their vendor partners, and the future.

Goetze has always been, and continues to be, a family owned business currently with the fifth generation at the helm. They have seven stores in the Midwest located in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.

As my preferred supplier I am continually impressed with their people and their corporate philosophy. In the business climate in America these days, it's hard to find a company that embodies the idea of customer first and profits second, but Goetze demonstrates this on a daily basis.

As someone who pushes the envelope on a daily basis, I need a supplier that is flexible, supportive, and there when I need them. Goetze Dental is that kind of company. When I built my new facility 18 months ago, I used Goetze Dental as my supplier for all the new dental equipment as well as their Technology Department to build all the computers, configure the network, and to create the "operatory of the future" that I had designed. They created my vision with a smooth and efficient process that focused on attention to detail.

I'm a satisfied customer (and I'm demanding). Goetze Dental does not compensate me for my cheerleading, I do so because they deserve it for making the practice of dentistry easy and fun for me. And... because of that, I can provide the best state of the art care I'm capable of which means my patients are really the ones that ultimately benefit and that's the way it ought to be.

I strongly recommend Goetze Dental. Give them a call at 800.692.0804 You'll be very glad you did.

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