Monday, June 8, 2009

Garmin says Nuviphone is on the Near Horizon

Since I've been blogging about mobile phones a lot lately, this story has surfaced and I've always had a love for Garmin. The company headquarters is practically a leisurely jog from my home so that makes them my home town GPS company.

About 18 months ago, they announced the NuviPhone. It was going to be pretty amazing, but some kinks have kept it from being released. The last I heard the release date was scheduled for "mid 2009". Now I hear rumblings that on a conference call last week, the company stated it is "getting very close" to launch with a US carrier. During this call it was also stated the Asian market would see launch "this month or in early July."

I hope that all the wait is worth it. I'm proud of Garmin for not shipping something with flaws and getting it right before releasing it to the public. I just hope that it's still as cutting edge as it once was reported to be. The competition has had a big head start.

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