Friday, May 8, 2009

Xerox Develops Printer that uses Solid Ink

96C87F4C-294A-42F4-9145-B709C4F3B732.jpgThat's right, solid ink!!!The device is called the ColorQube 9200 and it uses solid ink. Although, not truly solid when it prints, the ink is placed into the printer in a solid form.

Once in the printer, the ink is heated and melted to create a liquid. The liquid is then used in a manner similar to the standard inkjet printers that we are all familiar with. Similar to color inkjets, the ColorQube 9200 uses a block of 3 primary colors and one block of black.

Xerox says that each block needs to be replaced after 55,000 which is way more than you can get from standard liquid inkjet cartridges.

The ColorQube 9200 is a brand new concept, and like all new tech wonders, it is currently expensive at a cost of $22,000. However, as the concept goes mainstream the price will fall to the point that at sometime in the not too distant future, it will be affordable to most.

The device can print between 38 to 85 pages per minute which is amazing for a color printer and Xerox estimates that it will use much less ink than traditional devices.

This is definitely a technology that can change the game dramatically. It just needs to reach a price point that is within the reach of the masses.

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