Friday, May 15, 2009

A Technology Save - Courtesy of Photomed

A big thanks goes out to my friend Dr. Marty Goldstein and Photomed. Yesterday I got a call from Dental Products Report with a bit of a problem. It seems that one of my articles needed a different photo of me, but it needed to be high res and a certain size.

The problem was, I'm at the California Dental Association meeting doing some lectures and there was no chance of me getting a portrait done... except... for Marty Goldstein.

My buddy Marty was doing a workshop on dental photography just a couple of doors down from where I was. His lecture was just getting out so I ran in and asked if he could take my picture. Within a couple of minutes the Photomed staff, who were there supporting his workshop, had changed lenses on one of the cameras, found the appropriate flash unit, and had everything ready to go.

Presto! A nice photo shot by a great photographer. We loaded the picture onto Marty's Mac, put it on my jump drive, and then I e-mailed it from my Mac via Sprint Wireless Broadband.

Marty and the folks at Photomed didn't have to do such a nice thing, but they did and I'm very grateful.

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