Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Increase your number of USB ports

Whether it's in the treatment area, the administrative area, or even your laptop while you travel, it seems there are frequently times when we just don't have enough USB ports built into our computers. You can always buy hubs, but some of them are clunky, don't offer enough extra ports, etc.

LaCie has released a very sleek looking hub that looks to me like it would be great for any and all uses whether it's on the road or in the operatory. The Core7 hub has 7 USB ports (which is a bunch!) and includes 2 built-in cables. This is obviously great for a laptop as the cables are one more thing you don't have to think about packing.

For the operatory, it has the advantage of being discreet with an overhang on the topso that the ports are hidden and it has an an area on the back that works as a hanger so you can attach it to cabinetry or a wall. This keeps it anchored and eliminates the sliding around that annoys me when using a hub in the clinical area.

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