Monday, May 18, 2009

Impressions from the CDA in Anaheim

I had a great trip to Anaheim and the California Dental Association's south meeting. A very big "Thank You!" to all the folks who made the logistics of the trip so easy and to those of you gracious enough to attend my presentations. I really had a super time.

I was also thrilled to see the exhibits full of doctors and staff looking and, more importantly, buying on the show floor.

I didn't hear attendance numbers, although I did hear speculation that the number of doctors attending this year was down slightly. However, I was impressed with the traffic on the show floor as well as with the attendance at the lectures. From the presenter's standpoint, Saturday afternoon myself and 2 other speakers that I had a chance to chat with had rooms so full that the room captains had to turn people away. Most meetings that I attend usually see an attendance drop on Saturday afternoon. This was not the case in Anaheim.

In between meetings and lectures I got a chance to spend some time on the show floor and talk to the vendors. I only spoke with one company that said they were "slightly" disappointed with their sales volume. All of the other companies I spoke with indicated that they had very good sales and I even heard from one company that it was their best CDA South meeting ever. This information was from a pretty good distribution of both large and small firms selling both large capital equipment as well as disposable items, restoratives, etc.

My take is that the economic concerns seem to be waning. Several of the companies I spoke with sold very high dollar items and were thrilled with the number of these items sold. The foot traffic on the show floor was very good and in my one on one time with doctors attending they also are feeling that the future is looking brighter than the past.

I was talking with my editor at Dental Products Report, Thais Carter and she and I both felt that the show had a great "vibe". There was a definite energy or a "buzz in the air" that was very positive. We even discussed this in a video interview she and I did in the DPR booth that will be posted on the DPR website.

My congratulations to the CDA. It was a great meeting!

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