Saturday, May 2, 2009

Automower 260 ACX

This December we purchased a Roomba for the house and have been enjoying the life of leisure that a vacuuming robot provides.

So, if a robot can make your life easier by doing maintenance indoors, why can't a robot help by doing maintenance outdoors? That question is being answered by Husqvarna with their line of automated lawnmowers. The newest addition to the line is the Automower 260 ACX. This automated lawnmower will get a full charge on 40 minutes of AC charging and will run for 60 minutes with the resulting full battery.

The idea is to have this automated device mow while you devote your time to other more important tasks. "But," you're asking, "What if there is a problem with it? How will I know?" Well, perhaps the coolest function of this little number is it has the ability to send you a text message to your phone that tells you if it is having problems.

More info is available from the Husqvarna Automower website.

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