Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazon Debuts Access to Kindle Notes and Bookmarks Online

One of the features that I really like about my Kindle is the ability of the device to save highlighted areas and/or notes about the books you've read. These features mean you can open a book you're either reading or have finished and find your notes and highlighted passages so that you can use them.

It's especially handy for things like business books where you want to go back and revisit certain parts multiple times. Of course, up until now, this required you to have the Kindle handy and that's not always possible.

Today I got an e-mail from Amazon stating you can now access this information online. Evidently the Kindle is now synching your data with their servers for access anywhere you have an Internet connection. All that is required is to sign in with your Amazon account, and simply select on of your books where you have added highlights or notes.

As the Kindle moves more toward being a repository for reference books, this will become even more important.

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