Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wacom Tablets

If you are in need of a solution that allows you to function like a mouse, but draw like a pen, Wacom is a company you should know about. The company makes a full line of "tablets" that use a touch pad and a special "pen".

The pen can be moved across the tablet to create mouse-like movements. Single tapping or double tapping the pen on the tablet is the same as single clicking and double clicking a mouse.

However, if you hold the pen on the tablet in a graphics program, it's the equivalent of holding the left click button and drawing with the mouse. The difference, of course, is that you are holding a pen which allows for much more precise control. You literally can draw with the device.

Wacom tablets have been popular with graphic artists for years, but if you are need of a way to draw on the screen for patient education, this is a great solution. It allows you do all the things you could do with pen and paper while keeping it all digital.

There are lots of different models, the newest being the Intuos4. The devices are available in most computer stores. For more info, visit the Wacom website.

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