Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pentron Clinical Technologies Announces Bond 1 SF

For years I've been a fan of Pentron and their products. Always innovating, they've come up with some great ideas over the years. Their latest better mousetrap is a solvent free bonding agent. Interested? Here is the press release:

Solvent free bonding agent is the next breakthrough in bonding technology.

Pentron Clinical Technologies is proud to introduce Bond-1® SF™ Solvent Free SE Adhesive, a unique, solvent free, self-etch, light-cure, one-coat, bonding agent, to be used for all your direct composite bonding needs. Pentron Clinical Technologies has removed the solvent, while preserving the high bond strengths associated with conventional bonding agents. Removing the solvent from this revolutionary product not only addresses common technique issues, such as over or under drying, but also facilitates the restoration of teeth faster than ever by requiring only a one coat application. Bond-1 SF forms an interactive bond between the minerals of the tooth structure and the resins of the bonding agent, without the use of acetone, water, or alcohol, providing a superior bond to both dentin and enamel. While many might consider this the next “generation” of bonding agents, Adrienne Collins, the Pentron Clinical Technologies Product Manager states “We didn’t feel the immediate need to assign a generation to this new bonding agent, as we feel this product is in a league of its own and makes the practice of referring to bonding agents with generations obsolete.”

Bond-1 SF Solvent Free SE Adhesive is available in two convenient delivery systems. The syringe offers unique flocked needle tips that facilitate easy, direct placement into the prep, while the free standing single dose provides the ultimate in infection control.

Pentron Clinical is an established leader in the dental industry, offering a wide variety of products to suit your restorative needs. As one of the pioneers of adhesive technologies, Pentron Clinical has successfully demonstrated its commitment to advancing dentistry one innovation at a time. Our portfolio of trusted, quality dental products includes: Breeze® self-adhesive resin cement, Build It® FR™ core build up material, FibreKleer® Posts, Correct Plus® impression materials and Artiste® Nano Composite. For more information visit our website, , or call 203-265-7397.

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  1. I use bond 1 sf and is quite happy with it. But one of my anterior restoration was quite easy to remove with a little pressure with probe. Do you recommend it for anterior or should it be used in posteriors with proper cavity prepared? I have found giving a bevel improves the cavosurface appearance of the filling.
    Is this ok?