Friday, April 17, 2009

Orasphere® Offers 3D Patient Education Animations on iPod Touch®

I'm a big fan of visual patient education for years now. As of late my 2 favorites have been Guru and Orasphere. Of course the problem for some of you is getting computerized patient ed to the patient if you don't have a computer in the treatment area. For those of you facing that dilemma, Orasphere has just come to your rescue with patient ed on an iPod. Read on for details.

Orem, Utah – April 20, 2009 – Orasphere Limited now offers its series of 3D dental patient
education animations on an Apple iPod Touch, providing a convenient and unique way for
dentists to educate their patients on the importance and value of good oral health.

Designed by Drs. Stacy Hunt and Tom Gallivan, Jr., Orasphere is a comprehensive collection of
3D, fully narrated animations that carefully presents and explains everyday dental procedures,
conditions, and anatomy. As a communication tool, Orasphere is designed to help the doctor
and staff educate their patients, resulting in increased case acceptance ratios and improved

“An iPod has several advantages over traditional media,” said Dr. Gallivan. “An iPod has a
definite ‘wow’ factor that impresses patients, enhancing the practice’s professional image.
Because it’s small, it can be passed from operatory to operatory, can be easily stored and
locked in a drawer or cabinet, and is less expensive than other patient education systems.”

Orasphere provides patient education solutions for every part of the practice. Installed on a
standard personal computer, Orasphere adds advanced interactive education tools that can be
used chairside, in the consult room, or in the doctor’s private office. A web-version of Orasphere
can be part of the practice’s web site, porting professional patient education to the practice’s on-
line visitors. The DVD version lets the practice create looping presentations ideal for the
reception area. Narrated animations can be played in English or Spanish.

The Orasphere library is continually updated. Customers automatically receive updates as they
become available when they are subscribed to an annual customer service plan. The customer
service plan includes technical assistance in addition to library enhancements.

Backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, Orasphere patient education solutions start at
$1,295 and can be ordered on-line at or by calling 1-888-410-2147.

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  1. The Orasphere solution is nice, but the availability of content is limited. We are a fan of the patient education content from Krames. While we have tried using video content in our practice, at the end of the day it seems that our patients still perfer their dental patient education material as a brochure, or handout. One solution that looks interesting is the Krames go-to-guides. I don't see a dental solution yet, but have inquired about it.