Tuesday, April 7, 2009

iPhone users should know... AT&T has changed its Wireless Terms of Service

Here is an interesting tidbit. It seems that AT&T is a bit concerned about usage over the wireless spectrum it leases. The company just recently changed the TOS (Terms of Service) agreement to state:

Downloading movies using P2P file-sharing services, customer-initiated redirection of television or other video or audio signals via any technology from a fixed location to a mobile device, Web broadcasting, and/or for the operation of servers, telemetry devices and/or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition devices is prohibited.

What this means is the Slingbox you own and the new Slingbox ap coming to the Ap store will violate your TOS. This, of course, can allow AT&T to take action against you. Furthermore, it may keep you from watching a video posted on your friend's Facebook page or from any other site including CNN, Fox, or You Tube.

It's obvious that AT&T has serious concerns about this potentially getting out of control and has decided to nip it in the bud. It's hard to predict at this point where this will end up, but it is definitely something iPhone users need to be aware of.

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