Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Source for Healthcare Compatible Keyboards

Those of us in healthcare are always looking for ways to improve efficiency because this helps create a more positive work flow environment and decreases the amount of time patients must wait.

Devlin has come up with a nice keyboard and mouse designed just for this type of use. It can be sprayed for wiping down since it is sealed and that also means it can handle spills and other inadvertent mishaps.

Devlin has designed a unique keyboard for use in the most sensitive areas of hospital and medical environments, helping to prevent the spread of infection via the keyboard.

The keyboard features a patented ‘clean’ button, allowing the user to disable the keyboard during cleaning without the need to shut down the PC.

The keyboard is totally sealed, with the contour of the keytops eliminating the space for dirt and infection to reside. Wipe-cleaning is made easy and effective whilst still suitable for immersion sterilising.

* Fully sealed, suitable for sterilising by immersion in chlorine or alcohol based disinfectants
* Unique keyshape for easy wipe cleaning
* Patented 'clean' button, avoiding need to switch off system or disconnect keyboard during cleaning
* Tactile feel with extended key travel (1.5mm)

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