Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sirona Unveils New CEREC Connect® Models

Here is more news that was made at the Chicago MidWinter meeting last week. Sirona just keeps on improving the whole CEREC family.

Charlotte, NC (March 3, 2009) - Sirona Dental Systems, LLC is pleased to introduce new CEREC® Connect models at this year’s LMT Lab Day Chicago event in February. Available to dental professionals as of May 2009, CEREC Connect models are the key to anything you’ve ever wanted to create. The new models will allow any indication for inLab® users that can be achieved with conventional models. A CEREC Connect articulator system will also be available in quadrant and full-arch structures.

CEREC Connect begins when a digital impression and prescription form are submitted from the CEREC dentist to the inLab laboratory of choice. The dental technician is able to design the restoration on the basis of a virtual model, without the need for a physical model. The restoration is then fabricated on the inLab milling unit. When the case calls for it, a digital impression received from the CEREC dentist can be uploaded to infiniDent, and a highly-precise digitally fabricated model will be sent to the laboratory ready for waxing-up or porcelain build-up.

The fabrication of many restorations requires the use of physical models, such as bridges, PFMs, and gold crowns. In cases such as these, CEREC Connect models help leverage CEREC technology to fully extend the range of indications in your practice. Models created through CEREC Connect are digitally fabricated with the simple push of a button. Dental professionals receive full-arch and quadrant tooth-colored digital models, presented with perfectly ditched and separated dies. Moreover, tedious infection control and messy stone model fabrication are now a thing of the past.

CEREC Connect is the world’s first and only complete online dental communication platform that offers Web-based digital model transmission from the dental office directly to the lab. It saves money by reducing fabrication costs and speeding up the production process. Without the need for a conventional stone model, digital impressions are not subject to damage. The result is superior precision and consistent quality.

CEREC Connect is a complete communication gateway between CEREC dentists and inLab laboratories. It paves the way for the “impression-free” dental practice and a “model-free” dental laboratory.

For more information on CEREC Connect, please call (800) 873-7683 or visit

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