Friday, March 13, 2009

Sirius-XM Announces Development of iPhone Ap

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This is an interesting tidbit and I have to give the folks at Sirius-XM credit for some good thinking... if it works. One of the ways satellite radio was attracting customers was to have new cars roll off the assembly line with satellite radios installed. A free introductory subscription was given with the purchase of a new vehicle and it was hoped that during the free subscription, the owner would become hooked and then pay for a subscription.

This model seemed to work fairly well until the economy affected new car sales. Suddenly the pipeline of potential new subscribers waned and the company was left looking for another way to attract new customers.

This week during the company's earnings conference call, several mentions were made of an application being developed that will allow the satellite broadcasts to be streamed to the iPhone and iPod touch. The application should be available sometime in the second quarter of this year.

I find this interesting since for me, an XM subscriber for several years, one of the biggest complaints I've had is the reception of the device when I'm mobile. I intentionally purchased on of the units that could be carried in your hand, but the signal quality when not connected to a good antenna is dicey at best. The idea of delivering the programming via something other than a satellite signal is a great one for me. I've always got my cell phone with me and I'd much rather carry only one device. Although the price of this service is yet to be announced it bears following if you're a fan of satellite radio.

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