Monday, March 30, 2009

Samsung jumps into the ebook reader market with Papyrus

I love my Amazon Kindle. I bought one on a friend's recommendation last spring and I was hooked within a day or 2 of trying it. I'm almost ready to buy the Kindle 2.0 just because it's newer and maybe a tad better.

However, there are other options out there, and here is one. The Samsung Papyrus. Samsung makes nice products and this one is definitely interesting. The device is currently not on the market and will be released in Korea first some time this summer. It should appear in the U.S. a little after that, but there is no firm U.S. release date.

It will have a touchscreen and comes equipped with 512mb of memory, but no memory expansion slot.

As more and more companies get into the ebook reader business that shows that there is definitely a market for these devices. Ask someone who has one and you'll more than likely hear how easy it is to get hooked on them. My take is these things are the iPod of the folks who love to read.

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