Sunday, March 1, 2009

Impressions from the Chicago MidWinter Meeting

Greetings from the Windy City. As I sit in one of my favorite airport haunts, Harry Carey's at Midway, I thought I'd put my thoughts down on the big meeting that ends later today.

The show floor traffic was very strong on Friday. There were lots of people and the overall mood of the attendees was very good. There were deals being struck and purchases being made. I personally heard very little from attendees about fear of the economy. I think vendors were a tad surprised at the amount of traffic, but many I spoke to said it was a good show and that sales were strong.

Although not dentally related, the weather can be a factor for this show. On Thursday it was mild in temps but thunderstorms in the afternoon made it difficult for some people to get in. Flights were delayed, but the effect wasn't severe. The rest of the weekend was typically cold but with no adverse weather other than the typical Chicago wind.

1. Prodrive - The company that makes turbines with a triangular chuck design to increase cutting efficiency seemed to be making quite a splash. Their booth was steadily busy and there was a buzz about the product on the floor. I've been using their turbines for over a month and am a committed user at this point.More info from the company website.

2. Trimira™ LLC - The company was showcasing its Identafi 3000 oral cancer screening product. It uses a 3 different wavelengths of light to help in visualization of lesions. I had a chance to get a walk-through of the unit and the concept behind it. The device is priced in the $3000 dollar range and the science behind it makes sense to me conceptually. The company is going to get a unit in my hands for evaluation soon so I can put it through its paces. More info from the company website.

3. Myray - This company is a smaller player in the imaging market but they have done a great job of creating some really innovative products. One of these is the WDS (Wireless Digital System). The device uses Bluetooth technology and a digital x-ray sensor. The sensor is attached to a Bluetooth transmitter box. The box sits in a charger until ready to use. Then the sensor is placed in the mouth with the transmitter is held by the patient or set on a nearby counter. When the image is acquired, it is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to the operatory computer. The receiver is a simple USB dongle that looks just like a wireless keyboard dongle. More info from the company website.

Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of my passions which is 3D imaging. If you routinely read the blog you know I was in the Gendex booth giving talks and answering questions about the Gendex GXCB-500. The interest in this amazing technology is really taking off. On Friday alone I gave over 10 presentations on the device. The booth was routinely full of people with questions or looking to better understand everything the device does. I'm pleased to see that the intimidation factor is rapidly waning and that more and more doctors are embracing cone beam volumetric tomography.

Well that' the brief wrap-up. Overall it was a really great show. If you have questions or comments, please post them.


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