Sunday, March 8, 2009

Belkin helps hide your power strips

belkin concealed.jpg

If you have a need to hide your power strips, here is the device you need to know about. I mean, how many of us can look around and see at least one of those with wires galore pouring out of them? I'm really fond of a nice clean look in the clinical environment and in some office settings, I know it's impossible for you to find a place to hide everything.

The device pictured above is the Belkin Conceal Surge Protector. The little box closes up to hide the power strip and plugs leaving only the cords to see.

Here's what Belkin has to say about it:

Out of the way.The Belkin Conceal Surge Protector organizes your cables and keeps them out of view with a unique closing cover. Designed to safeguard your electronics, computers, and appliances, the Conceal Surge Protector can sit on the floor, out of the way, or out in the open. Your cords remain organized and secure in their sockets, and outlets stay out of reach of kids and pets.


* Provides an innovative solution to cable clutter
* Grounds AC power through 11 surge-protected outlets (6 regular, 4 BlockSpace, 1 convenience)
* Provides 1-in/2-out phone/fax/modem protection
* Comes with a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Oh, and the price is $49.99 so its affordable as well.

You can order it here.


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