Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Xpaper - A Great Solution in the Quest for Paperless

For the last month I've been experimenting with Xpaper from Talario.com

The concept is software and a "digital pen". For offices that are still using paper forms, but are wanting to go paperless, Xpaper helps eliminate the need for scanning forms.

Here's how it works: The Xpaper software allows you to print any document using their print driver. When printed, the document will have small dots in the background. The pen is truly digital and has an optic sensor that sees the dots. This identifies which document is being written on. The pen then remembers all things written on the document.

When the document has been completed, the pen is placed in a USB docking station and the form is downloaded from the pen as a pdf document which can then be placed directly into the patient's chart.

This is one of the slickest things I've seen lately. The pdf document literally has the patient's handwriting on it making it a true legal form.

The pen has a memory that allows it to hold around 200 documents so downloading can be done when it is convenient.

This is an amazing product that is highly recommended! You can get more info at the company website.

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