Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trimara, LLC announces Identafi 3000 oral cancer screening device

Oral cancer is a definite problem for the American population. It's hard to find in early stages and can be difficult to treat. It's difficulty in location in early states is one of the reasons the 5 year survival rate hasn't changed much over the past 40-50 years.

In the past 10 years, dentistry has seen devices come to market that can aid the doctor in locating and identifying potentially cancerous areas. The advancement of these devices continues with the announcement of the Identafi 3000. Read on for all the info from the company press release. I have no clinical experience with the device at this point in time.

HOUSTON, TX: February 4, 2009 — Houston-based Trimira™ LLC has introduced Identafi™ 3000, a small, cordless, handheld device that can detect oral cancer. The device uses a three-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system to allow dental professionals to catch early cancers not visible to the naked eye. This effective and affordable device will aid in early detection of oral cancer, which has reached epidemic levels, due in part to the lack of effective, broad-based early detection programs.

Identafi 3000 uses white, violet, and amber wavelengths of light to excite oral tissue in distinct and unique ways. Biochemical changes can be monitored with fluorescence, while morphological changes can be monitored with reflectance. This multiple wavelength technology identifies abnormal tissue with more accuracy than the single color approaches currently on the market. The ability to read metabolic and physiologic differences makes it easier to distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue. The combined system of fluorescence and reflectance uses the body's natural tissue properties as an adjunctive tool for oral mucosal examination.

Identafi 3000 is supported by a national team of trained sales representatives and is available through most major U.S. dental dealers. It can be seen at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, in the Trimira booth, #865.

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