Saturday, February 7, 2009

TinEye Reverse Image Searches

Here is a pretty nifty idea if you need the information. There is a service called TinEye that provides a nice twist on image searching.

Most of us are familiar with Google image search. Just type in the name of someone or something that you are looking for a picture of, and chances are in a few seconds there will be several choices on the page.

TinEye, works backwards in that regard. Let's say you've posted an image on your blog or webpage that you've personally taken. Let's also say you'd like to see if that image has been used anywhere else on the net. Or, maybe someone has forwarded a picture to you and you'd like to see where it originated or where else it is posted.

The amazing thing about TinEye is that it doesn't use the image name or any type of digital watermarking to identify the images. No, instead it uses the image's digital fingerprint to identify it. This is the image's unique arrangement of pixels that makes it a one of a kind item. So even if the image has been renamed, it will still be found.

Of course since this is a new service (still in beta) it doesn't find every single image on the Internet, but it currently has an index of well over a billion images.

Amazing huh? I thought so too.

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